“If you lived here you’d be home already.”

Some of you may recognize that quote from the late great Firesign Theater. It was posted on a housing development beside a busy freeway, as I recall.

It comes to my mind every day, on the hour-long bus ride to school, and the hour-and-a-half commute home. I like my apartment alright once I get inside, but the commute is a nightmare.  Going in to town for the evening guarantees a $6 taxi ride home. There are thousands of apartments within walking distance of both my schools, and I think constantly of moving. Oh – and I found out the “manure” smell is not from fertilizer, but a pig farm down the road. I have dubbed our building the E”PIG” Ghetto.  But, while EPIK housing is not great, it is furnished. I can’t see putting out a lot of money to furnish a place when I really don’t want to stay that long.

Classes continue to vascillate between hell and just purgatory. But last week two fifth grade girls came up to me at lunch and said they wanted to talk English with me, so we went up to the English room. One goes to a private after-school English program for gifted kids, and the other lived in Ames, Iowa for a year.  One said the last teacher was much younger and was like a big sister, but that I was like a grandmother. She meant it in a nice way. The other agreed and said I was like her grandmother. She thought a minute then said, “benevolent and amiable.” I almost cracked up. So cute!  Then today as I was coming in to school this tiny girl held her arms out for a hug. Awwww.

The kids are so darned cute, it’s just too bad the school system is so messed up.

I came down with a cold last week and spent the weekend in bed. Not much more to report. I’ll try to be more exciting in the future, for all you armchair adventurers. 🙂

One response to ““If you lived here you’d be home already.”

  1. So sorry to hear you had to battle a cold. That couldn’t have been any fun for your weekend. How’s Sammy doing these days? The commute sounds awful, but probably better and cheaper than moving to another place? Well, if you’re going to be there for three years, it could be worth it. You could furnish sparsely then sell stuff when you leave. Or catch up on reading everything you’ve always wanted to read on the commute, but never had time for. I still don’t know how you do what you do……….

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