New and improved!

Hi All — I did the unthinkable (at least in Korean terms) and called in sick today. Since I’ve been here the colds have rolled in faster than the breakers at Samyeong beach. My immune system just can’t cope with all the germs coming at it. Combine that with the lack of hot running water or sanitary soap at school, more than 600 snot-nosed (literally) kids and constantly sick teachers, and it’s pretty much a prescription for illness.

But the Confucian value system says one must endure — be it bad drivers, frigid classrooms, raging fevers or pneumonia. Teachers here never call in sick! It’s written into our contracts that we get paid sick leave, “with prior approval,” but no one ever does it. I say screw enduring, I want to stay in bed today! I also want Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, but I’m realistic. That ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway, in my free time today I remodeled my blog. I’m not happy with the narrow photo band at the top, but it’s all I could find. Who takes photos that fit that shape??  The one I used is a small strip from the Chonja-am Buddhist temple on Mt. Halla. Buddha wouldn’t fit.

Thanks for reading, and for your comments. It helps to know you’re thinking of me!

2 responses to “New and improved!

  1. Oh God…I hope you don’t have the Korean flu. Do you want me to mail you some anti-bacterial gel?? I really will! Tell me what you need.

    I like your new blog face here…makes more sense than Ireland, pretty as it was. This works well. But, it hardly matters. I love reading your stuff.

  2. My advice? Drink heavily.


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