Hello! Thanks for stopping by. This is the blog of a 50-year-old woman who is living in Jeju, South Korea for at least a year, teaching English to grade schoolers.

I named the blog Under the Volcano because the island is dominated by Mt. Halla, an extinct volcano. I can see it from my patio. The island looks really cool from above – check it out on earth.google. The title also has implications of what this year holds: challenges, adventure and maybe some red hot lava. Just kidding, Mom.

NOTE: The banner photo is not Jeju – it came with the page. I will change it as soon as I get a good panorama of Jeju. Ironically, I think the photo is Ireland.

I hope this blog will inform my friends and families of my day to day activities, as well as inspire other women of a certain age to continue to reach for the brass ring. There is still a whole of living to do. I welcome your comments!

8 responses to “About

  1. This is from a 77 year old woman, and I feel that there is still a whole lot of living to do. Places to go, people to meet, strange and different food to taste. Kim Chee clears the sinuses!

  2. What volcano? Did you get a tsunami the other day when Japan did? Very dangerous country. Better teach Sammy how to swim.

  3. Just thought I’d say “hello.” It was a pleasure meeting you last Friday. Hope your week is going well. If you want to get together sometime, feel free to email me. BTW, love your blog, it’s great.

  4. It looks like you’re having a pretty good time over there. How is Chelsea doing? Not much new here-ssdd. You know how it is in the newspaper business.

  5. Hi there, I found your blog through Expat Women. You’re quite a good writer! Very entertaining and spot-on about life in Korea as an ESL teacher. Hope Jeju is treating you well!

    • Oh no, it’s been over a year since you’ve updated.

    • 1sojournalist

      Hi – Yes, I left Korea a year ago. Blogs never die… Thanks for your comment.


      • Hi there,
        I’m currently teaching in Thailand and am looking to move to Jeju to teach. I’ve got a CELTA, a Masters and some years experience teaching a range of age groups. If you’ve the time, might you give me some advice or guidance as to where you think is best to apply/work, your favorite parts of the island, where to avoid etc.
        Any help would be most appreciated.


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